Oct 25 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Knowledge Equity 2: UKRI one year on

The knowledge is Power Project began August 2020, when Dr Addy Adelaine led an initiative to highlight inequity in research and research funding.

Prompted by the observation of inequality of UKRI and NIHR funding intended to address the disproportionate impact of COVOD-19 on BAME communities in the UK.

It was noted that from £4.3 million, £0 went to Black academic leads, no equality data was collected on applications and one person who sat on the assessment panel was also co-investigator in 3 of the 6 successful awards.

Alongside 9 other Black women involved in research, Dr Adelaine wrote an open letter to UKRI which collated nearly 3,000 signatures. Together they established the website KnowledgeIsPower to track the initiative and action.

By May 2021, meetings had been held and action promised, but it took until September 2021 for UKRI to publicly respond.

Ladders4Action now intends to hold a much delayed event on Oct 25th where we will discuss what action can be taken to ensure transparent, accountable and inclusive change in research and knowledge creation.

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